What a storm!

Last evening there was a big and beautiful storm, complete with lightning, thunder and pouring rain. It was powerful and cleansing energy! I had an interesting realization–when I lived in town, I used to be afraid of big storms. I would cringe at lightning, and my heart would beat so hard. Thunder would find me covering my ears, wishing that I was still small enough to hide under my bed. In my early forties, we moved to our Fiddletown cabin. It is at the 2,700 foot elevation. My fear of storms has disappeared. I still respect the power of them, but I love to watch out the window of a darkened room. I relish the sound of the howling wind in the tall pines, and the pounding of the rains on the roof. Mother can really put on a performance! (Our two old dogs are no longer afraid, either–they are completely deaf.)

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