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Setting my intentions before beginning a painting is a little magical, a little faith, and a seriously smart organizational tactic. Setting my intentions allows me to set myself up for success. If I am inspired with a new idea for a painting, I will get into my workspace, clear it, get comfortable, and start by writing down my thoughts. The act of writing is a wonderful and powerful way to solidify thoughts and ideas. Plus it starts me off with a surge of uplifting positive energy! With my latest painting, inspiration struck while I was writing my last blog post. I was writing about the sunset, and how I was seeing a lavender sky behind my trees. I was thinking about silhouettes, what color would I make them? Smell that fresh tangy pine and cedar? So in my notebook, I recorded those things. I wrote that I would love for this painting to convey that sense of warm summer breezes, and the sounds of crickets and the murmur of a small creek nearby. Maybe, some soft strains of mountain fiddle music are barely heard in the distance. Writing these words helps me to focus on these things while painting, infusing the canvas with all the beauty in my words. The written word has strength. When you are setting your intentions, writing them down will improve your creative project. Before you begin a new artistic project, follow my steps above to set your intentions. How does it feel to you? Don’t take too long with this, or it will cut into your painting time, about ten minutes is enough. You may choose to save your notes in a file or a three ring binder, or it would be interesting to keep them in a file on your computer. One artist that I know writes her intentions on her canvas before she paints. If this is your first time setting your intentions before beginning a new project, let us know how it goes in our Facebook group!

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