And just like that, it is September! I LOVE the fall. I always feel a little sad about the loss of daylight hours, but by this time I am ready for change. I want cooler nights and mornings. I am ready for rain, and we still have the whole of September to get through. Be grateful for the light and lingering warm days of summer, offering thanks with extra water for your garden. Are you noticing different birds in your garden? Put out some seeds for migrating birds—if you don’t have a birdbath, a larger saucer will do—your winged friends will visit your outdoor space often. This autumn, be watchful for those first signs—leaves turning, days shortening, cooler mornings, more moisture in the air. Spending time outdoors and observing those changes, absorbing the cooler temperatures will help your body to adjust to shorter days. Go with those changes. Feel them. Be part of them.

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