I always have abundant vague, disjointed ideas for creative projects swirling and fermenting in my mind. I call it Gemini Brain. Many nights before bed, I will ask for inspiration for a new painting. I keep a notebook by my bedside in case I wake with an idea forming. When that happens, I am ready to jot them down as they come. I don’t try to analyze them yet, I just get them down on paper quickly, then I can add to them. It is wonderful to write out my ideas, because they often come with a story. Last night before bed, I was writing in my journal. I was saying that I seemed to be on a productive roll with my artwork, and that I didn’t want to wait too long before beginning a new painting, so I wouldn’t lose my momentum. After I finished, I drew a simple frame on a blank page and left it on my nightstand, turned off my light, and asked for inspiration for my next painting. I am working on a series of paintings that I call Ponderosa Country, and I needed to find a subject for my next one. This morning when I woke up, I looked at my note pad, but no ideas were brewing in my mind yet, so I just got up and started getting ready for work. I was vaguely disappointed. On my drive to work, I was drawn to a high meadow on Shake Ridge Road and saw how the golden light fell on those big ponderosas that live there, and the way the trees show over the downward sloping hill, with the ridge line behind. This image just seemed to sparkle! I had a shivery tingle down the back of my neck when I realized that my request had been answered in the most appropriate way for me to receive it—I am a VERY visual person! If I do feel blocked and new ideas are slow coming through, meditation will help. I LOVE guided meditations and have found several on youtube that I have had great success with. Try this one. Meditation is all about relaxing enough to quiet the mind. It allows your inner voice to communicate more clearly. When I ask for inspiration, and it starts coming, sometimes I receive multiple downloads of ideas that can filter in throughout the day. I find a good way to capture these ideas is to type them into an email addressed to myself. YAY! I love it when that happens! How do you find creative inspiration? Please share in our Facebook FiddleSong Studio Members group.

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