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I was out in the garden watering this evening. There is something soothing about holding my hose and sending that soft, gentle, cool water into my planting beds. Maybe I can feel the gratitude of my plants as they absorb the life giving moisture. Summer can be harsh here. We are hot and dry for long stretches in the summer. The birds love it when I set my sprinkler out in the veggie garden- they gather together and bathe and drink as much as they want. Even the tiny hummingbirds will find a place where they can take a refreshing shower. We had a family gathering today. It was so fun to watch my rapidly growing grandchildren playing with my front porch frogs. Laughter and squeals of delight could be heard through my kitchen window as I prepared lunch for a crowd. Later, in the garden, I was replaying favorite moments and feeling so much gratitude. And I was giving myself some credit. “I did a good job today, everyone enjoyed themselves, the food was good. I didn’t stress out about anything!” When I am creating, I give myself plenty of positive self talk. Yes, out loud. It really helps if I have the space to myself, but even if there is a spectator (my husband, Rick), I can be heard muttering “Brilliant, Wendy!” and “That is the perfect color!” It keeps me excited about what I am working on, and my energy in the highest vibration possible. It also infuses the painting that I am working on with that beautiful, clear energy, so when I hang it in the gallery, visitors can feel the pull. Those paintings are the ones that I love the most! The next time you are in your creative space, try giving yourself some positive self talk. “I’ve got this!” or “I really love how this is coming together” or “Look how colorful my painting is!”. Use your name. Even when you say it, it is like magic. Keep it lighthearted and happy. You may feel a little sheepish at first, but you will also feel a warm glow from within. Remember to share your comments on our member Facebook Group!

“Chaw’se Oak” This huge oak is well cared for in the Chaw’se Grinding Rocks State park in Volcano. Thousands of school children have wrapped their arms around it’s trunk to measure it’s girth–it is a much loved tree.

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