Clearing my space

Clearing my workspace is an important piece of my process. I start by putting away as many things as I can~ tools from my previous project, scraps of papers, notes~ organizing my brushes and pencils, cleaning my work table, and generally making things as uncluttered as possible. If my space is cluttered and disorganized, it distracts me. Have you ever tried to concentrate while a stack of bills keeps looking at you? Same principle. The other thing that happens with me if my workspace isn’t clean and pretty, is that I tend to get angry about not having enough space to create. I have enough space, it is just harder to work in a cluttered, messy area!

The energy clearing is just as important. Negative energy feels stale and stagnant (dirty), and can hinder your creative efforts. You want to give your art as much of a head start as possible! Open your windows to the fresh air from outside, and imagine all the negative energy being swept out. I light a candle and stir the air with my wand or a feather. I say a few words to create a positive space, something like “clear this space of all negative energy, so that I may create something beautiful with light and color”. Make this sincere and personal, not something rehearsed. You may choose a prayer that you like, or you may smudge with sage, or use some essential oils–whatever suits your style and spiritual practice. I like to use a black tourmaline stone in my space, it helps to absorb negative vibes.

Now that you have cleared away the negative energy, add in some positive. Adding a carnelian or tiger’s eye stone to your table will enhance creativity! I also have a beautiful lapis lazuli sphere that feels wonderful. Maybe you would like a bouquet of flowers or a living plant, or photos of your loved ones. Do what makes you feel good!

How do you deal with negative energy? Do you ever have thoughts of failure before you even begin a new project? Are you afraid to begin? Many artists are! Please share your thoughts in our Facebook group.

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