Changing my mind

Last week, Sunday afternoon came up cloudy and cool. I was so enjoying my day, but by the late afternoon, I was starting to experience that “OH, no. I have to go back to work tomorrow” dread. Monday morning, my alarm chirped at 5 am, and my first thought was anger, because I had to climb out of my warm blankets to get ready for work. I caught myself after just a few seconds and changed my thought to-“I have a better way to think about this. I feel gratitude to have a job that allows me to help people every day. And I have a pretty flexible schedule, so I get to arrive as early as I want to–wait…is that rain?” I heard the dogs’ toenails tapping at the front door, anxious to get out. I jumped out of bed, opened the door to let them rush past, and just inhaled a fresh, sweet breath of rain soaked cedar and pine. Euphoria! I love that scent, and the first rain of late summer is such a wonderful break from the preceding long hot days. Every being breathes in contentment, and the forest drinks deeply. That Monday morning changed from “OMG. I hate my life” to “WOW, what a GREAT morning!” in about 15 seconds. Granted, I am a Gemini, so lightning fast mood changes are not uncommon, just ask my husband, but the point is that you can change your mind. You can change your mind from being angry to being grateful, or from being frightened about change to being excited for a new opportunity. Instead of holding bitterness about an event long past, try to think of it as a lesson learned. Your self talk will be “I am so over that.” I often feel a sense of resentment over the fact that I “have to work for a living” instead of spending my days painting– I need to change my mind about that. Instead I will think “I enjoy every moment that I am able to spend creating, and SOON I will be able to paint full time!”

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