...whale spouts and sea mist...

Pillar Point Harbor

I woke to the sound of the harbor foghorn. It was a gentle sound in the distance, it had sounded all night at regular intervals.There is a unique fragrance that blends on the hillside beneath our patio--it is rockrose and rosemary and beach sand. As I stood at the doorway looking out over the water, I saw a whale spout, then another. The small pod was just off the rock jetty to the west. There was no wind, and the early morning fog was only a little farther off the coast. The fisherman from the harbor were making their way out to sea, hoping for a profitable catch of ling cod or snapper, or maybe a halibut.

I sipped fragrant tea, and watched for more spouts.It was good to know the whales were there beneath the surface, swimming gracefully in their family grouping.Then one sailed far out of the water! It seemed to hesitate for a moment, then crashed down onto the surface of the bay,sending up a whale-sized belly flop wave of white water! Several seconds later came the impact slap of sound. What a wonderful thing to witness! Another whale breached, then two more in tandem! As I heard the distant slaps from the whales, I knew that I had heard those same sound before, not knowing the origin of the sound carrying in the fog.

The whales seemed to set the theme for the weekend, Just the day before, we had found an artist parked near the harbor selling sculptures out of his RV. His work was outstanding! We adopted a beautiful whale sculpture carved from driftwood. His name was John, and he was warm and friendly, and obviously loved what he was doing, and the people he met.

Artist John Reinstra and our whale

During that same afternoon, as we explored Half Moon Bay, we visited The Garden Gallery. The friendly owner, Mr. Theron Kabrich, asked us where we were staying and if we had seen the whales yet. The fog had been "too dense to see much in the bay." I said, "but we have one in our car." His gallery carries the most exquisite collection from well established contemporary artists...quite humbling actually.

It was a lovely, cool weekend, and although it made us sad to leave the misty coast, we soaked up as much coastal fog and fresh seafood as possible before coming home to our little farm in the mountains. Our animals were happy to see us :)

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