Feeling AMAZING!!!!

"Jackson Ridge I"

16" x 24"acrylic on birch panel

The past few weeks have seen a lovely shift in energy for me. Everything seems to be coming into alignment. My job is going smoother for me, my health is good again, I am eating better, sleeping better, painting better...I am happy.

I woke this morning at my normal time, to the crow of multiple roosters, and the raucous cries of hungry young ravens. (I know that would drive most people mad :) A week ago, those cries would have had me in my shoes and out in the chicken yard yelling for those ravens to evacuate the premises! Today, I woke smiling, 'hearing' this raven conversation--


"Shhhh, we are in stealth mode...use your quietest voice..."

"EGGGS? Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. Eggs. EGGGGGGGGS!!!!!"

Mom raven has two young ones to feed. Hen's eggs are nutritious, healthy and easy food. She flies down into the chicken yard and walks into the hen house. She knows not to disturb the nest occupants, so if there are no eggs visible, she walks out and flies up into the big ponderosa pine and waits. The young ones jump up and down and cry "EGGGGGGS!!!!!" I can almost see her rolling her eyes. When the next hen flaps out of the house cackling her egg song, the Mom raven is waiting.

For now, my "Eggs for Friends" program will be on hold-- Mom raven needs to feed her young.

...it feels like I am on the right path....

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