...in the studio...

"Morning Blessings" watercolor--SOLD

I have been really enjoying working in the new studio space! The energy is good, even if the light is less than perfect. I like that purposeful feeling as I walk in and turn on the lights, I go right to my worktable and start painting! I have several acrylic pieces in progress right now. I am relearning my acrylic skills,colors and textures, and trying to decide how to approach my subject matter. In the meantime, I am letting my watercolor ideas...ferment. I am opening my mind to new ideas and directions. Which path feels right for me?

Tonight is a cool, late winter evening. The frogs are enjoying the fresh water in Pig Squeak Creek. I love the sound it makes as it gurgles past the deck. The rains have been generous this year....

...I can feel spring coming....

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