...after the storm....


What is it about the quality of light of a clear day after a good storm? There is a brilliance to the sunlight that just makes things sparkle with clean, bright and crisp detail.

On my way into work this morning, I had to drive icy roads. I trust my Tacoma. It is a good stable truck with good tires. But I always worry a bit about ice. At the top of Fiddletown Road there is a stop sign where I turn right onto Shake Ridge. This morning I was caught by a scene that took my breath away. We had a hail storm yesterday,and there was still quite a lot on the ground and on the trees at the top of the hill. It looks like snow. It lights up the shadows. Areas that normally recess into the distance in darkness become clearly defined. Hail had collected in the crevasses of some bare branches of a large cedar there.The wet, dark raw sienna of the cedar branches with the bright periwinkle of the crusted hail--WOW! I just sat there and stared at it thinging "Why don't I have my camera today???" The answer is this: if I take my camera every day, then it is harder to get to work!

In the studio...

I have been working on several projects recently. I have been painting glass, and

I'm working on a watercolor portrait. I'm about 1/2 way through with my entry for the AnimalScapes show coming up in January. And I have been working with a couple of new things in acrylic. The acrylics are the biggest challenge. I am finding some new colors that I like, and I am not struggling so much against the fast drying properties of the paints. I need more brushes, and I would like to try some of the mediums, but I am determined to learn more....

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