...show success!

I am honored to report that two of my entries in the Stockton Art League show took first place ribbons: Pt. Reyes--Redwoods Sisters in the watermedia division and Prairie Fire in the mixed media division. YAY!

Being a creative person, I often feel like that I can't accept all the credit when I have a successful painting. Some of that painting's success belongs to that mystical connection that I feel when everything just comes together and flows! Rarely, I will see something that sparks an overwhelming and immediate need to capture that image and get it drawn out on my paper and PAINT IT NOW!

When that happens, look out! There WILL be flying objects, including cats, as I am clearing space to work.

I know that whatever comes out of that experience will be awesome, and absolutely worth all of my effort. That feeling--it is why I paint. :)

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