"Mokelumne Alder"
Size: 20" x 24"
Acrylic on canvas, Framed
Original available: 
Amador County is graced on it's north and south sides by rivers--the Cosumnes on the north, and the Mokelumne on the south. This lovely alder tree lives in the Mokelumne river. Literally. Her roots are anchored by gravel and gold-laden rock. I painted this almost life-sized. I wanted to show her beautiful, pearly bark and the interesting patterns that her branches make. The tiny new, bright green spring leaves are back-lit against the shadowed hillside across the river. Alders are not long lived trees, and they don't make the best trees for the yard, but I am most fond of the alders that line the creeks and rivers--they smell so sweet. I invite you to open your senses to these gifts of Nature. See the varying colors of the fresh, spring growth, smell the sweet fragrance. Let them fill you with wonder and gratitude.