"Goldfinch on Butterfly Bush"
Size: 12" x 9"
Watercolor on paper, framed
Original available $250.00
Prints available starting at $200
I adore butterfly bushes. They attract so many lovely bees and butterflies! When the sun shines warm on the blossoms, they smell like warm honey with a hint of chocolate. They get so large, though that they can overpower the garden if they are not kept under control. They are very easy to grow, and can make a good large flowering shrub in any sunny garden, even for a beginner. They go dormant in winter here, and don't seem to suffer even in our harshest winter temperatures.
We get flocks of tiny goldfinches throughout the spring and summer, and my husband keeps their feeders filled with thistle seed.
This painting was an earlier watercolor, where I was still using masking fluid to define the shapes of leaves, stems and blossoms. As I was painting on my masking fluid, I tipped my jar leaving a large blob where my goldfinch ultimately ended up. Ooops! Well, have you ever chased a bird around your garden with a camera? Let's just say that birds are EASIER to paint than to photograph.
I use my own photo reference and sketches to create my paintings. Very rarely will I ask permission to use a photo that someone else has taken. I enjoy being able to use my own compositions, my own color combinations, my own ideas. My art is uniquely mine.