"Chaw'se Oak"
Size: 24" X 24"
Acrylic on gallery wrap canvas
Prints available starting at $200
She has lived for four hundred years--she has deep roots and strong branches. In the little valley where she grows, there is an ancient villiage site where indigenous people thrived. They built bark houses and a community round house where ceremonies were held, and their lifestyle and beliefs held all things in the natural world as sacred. She has heard all the songs, felt all of the emotions, felt the vibrations of the drums and the feet of the dancers. They collected her acorns, and ground them into flour to feed their children. 
Some of their spirits remain in this place of ancestors, and when people visit, sometimes they feel them. Hundreds of school children visit this place every year, and they are known to wrap their young arms around her, finger-tip to finger-tip to measure her massive trunk. So many, many tree hugs through the years. This is what makes a happy, healthy tree.