"Black-eyed Susans with Lavender"
Size: 10" x 12"
Watercolor on paper, Framed
Original Available: $450.00
Prints available starting at $200
This watercolor was created in my garden, It was a warm, summery day, and I was feeling fractious. My technology was giving me trouble and I had reached the boiling point. I took my sketch-pad out to the garden, sat down in the dirt, and started to draw. The more I drew, the calmer and more centered I felt, until the day's troubles melted into the garden soil. I brought out my watercolors, and a fresh piece of watercolor paper, and I started to paint this. Can you feel the fresh summer air, and smell the honey fragrance of the Susans? Does Lavender sooth your soul? The yellow bumble-bee wandered in and out of the view so many times, that I knew I was meant to include her.