Wendy Rogers

Fiddletown, CA


Wendy Rogers

I am an award winning painter and blogger, with work                  in private collections throughout the country. Working with careful drawings and a limited palette of transparent hues, I often enhance my watercolor paintings with layers of colored pencil-deep sky blues and purples, shadows of inky indigo, soft highlights of lightest grays and periwinkle--all serving to communicate my passion for my craft, and my growing love of Nature.    My acrylic pieces use the same palette of colors, the same strong drawings, and lovely contrasts.

I was born and raised in the shadow of Mt. Diablo in the           East San Francisco Bay Area ~an area known for its wonderful fresh fruit and rich farmlands. I learned at an early age to love the land, to respect the hard work and determination of the small   farmers, and craved a piece of land of my own to plant and nurture. In college,  I studied Fine Arts and Horticulture. Figure drawings often included detailed studies of plant parts, leaves and bark textures. My old textbooks are all quite artfully decorated.

I am fascinated by complex subject matter. I love crisply defining sepia lines that play against soft washes of glowing light, enhancing depth and adding a sense of the mysteries of Nature. The dramatic lighting effects, foliage shapes and varying textures create vibrant contrasts. I enjoy painting portraits and landscapes, I love animals and birds.


In the last few years, my painting has blossomed. It has become richer and more expressive. I like to think it is my happiness showing through. If it is true that an artist’s soul can be seen in her work, then my soul is sunshine and trees~and donkeys!

I hope that you can feel the love and good energy that                      I paint into my creations.